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What People Are Saying

“Thank you so much for staying consistent with this newsletter. As a creator myself, I know how difficult it is - but you make it seem effortless, as your passion shines through. ”

NinaContent Creator

“I am a very recent subscriber (not sure what took me so long tbh!) but so far have loved all of the issues. One thing I do really appreciate in this newsletter is the Consumer News section—always filled with so much great content and external sources to continue digesting juicy news. ”

KasiaProduct Designer @ Cash App

“I’ve been following you for a bit now (I think since about under 10k on TikTok) as I find so much value in the content you create.

I work in CPG, specifically a celebrity founded and largely VC funded brand and find the intersection between partnerships within the VC’s portfolio very interesting. ”

KaylaDTC Brand Operator

“My weekly highlight, thanks for enlightening my Monday morning (living in Singapore) ♥️ Please continue to do what you are doing, you are so inspiring :) ”

FrederikeGoogle, Industry Manager Retail

“We are totally HSR converts. I have your Shopify episode on deck for my run tomorrow! Looking forward to more HSR content in our TikTok feed <3”


“Just popping in to say that I consistently LOVE what you put out into the world. I've lived my entire life being put in the "smart", and it's so validating / heartening / inspiring to see someone share so authentically and break free of the mold. Keep putting magic into the world <3”


“YAY love this!!!!”

SBCEO @ De Soi